Immerse yourself in exotic locations in Asia and play Sudoku with ancient scripts inscribed on ishi (stones).

A new twist on Sudoku. No guesswork. No pencil marks.
Just pure deductive reasoning. Timed and scored.
Are you up to the challenge?

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Sudoku with a twist!

Ishidoku is a new twist on Sudoku.
No guesswork. No pencil marks. No complicated methods. Just pure deductive reasoning. Over a hundred different characters replace the standard numbers of Sudoku, and every puzzle is unique and original.
You might even learn some Asian scripts!

Pen & Paperless

You can progress by placing only the pieces which fit in one location on the board. This eliminates the need for notes completely.

Bright & Bold

Each of our apps feature lively, handcrafted themes with hundreds of unique game pieces to match the background scenes. You'll never have to stare at that black and white grid of numbers again.

A Fresh Experience

For an additional challenge, try out the jigsaw layouts! These are our favorite. For even more variation, the purchasable upgrade includes the randomizer feature, which means you get a brand new set of pieces every time you load a puzzle.

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